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At Team 4S, we represent a range of diverse professionals, dedicated to support SME in TPL.

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We are lions.

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The idea that drives us forward.

"Everything is possible".

Managing Your back-office and transport request smoothly. Assisting Your Clients personally... We do everything in highly-effective and competitive cost manner. We are Team 4S! S comes always like Solutions!

Our values:

Team 4S Assist®

Team 4S Assist® addresses the critical lack of direct and constant ondemand big and small vehicles in small to mid-sized enterprises (SME).

We, in Team 4S have created a packaged solution to support business owners with their transport requests for dedicated or shared transport, in every country in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Service Rocks!

The devil is in the details. Your idea might be great and still you can miss the train loaded with tons of $. You need to understand that paying attention to details always pays off. We know that and follow that rule all the time.

Use our services on-demand: where you need them, the way you need them and as long as you need them!

We are really focused on:

  • Service support
  • Customer retention
  • Flexible Billing and invoicing
  • Quoting in no time
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Experienced Staff
  • Many years of experience in TPL
  • 24 hours / 365 days a year assistance

Team 4S Agency

Team 4S Agency® is a next gen call centre service, focusing on outbound telesales for SME to help them increase their sales and market share.

We also provide:

  • Inbound and outbound handling of loads in hubs in Central Europe
  • Web chat to stay closer to your customers
  • E-mail confirmation on loading and unloading
  • Researches and surveys to stay where the transport is needed.

We are Transport Ninjas

We are creating unlimited opportunities with our WEB services and flexible transports
We can take care for your Loads in no time 365 days in the year, non standard requests store, , shared or dedicated vehicles .

Technologies that we use:

Our expert team can develop any kind of transport request in Centarl Europe!

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Team 4S SME Solutions

Team 4S SME Solutions® has one goal: Making you money!

Giving your business a boost to maximize performance and increase revenues.

Offering a tailor-made solution in order to reach these goal.

Please, get in contact with our team to see how your business can benefit from partnering with us. Just hit the “Contact” button!

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